About Jade

About Jade


Hi, I’m Jade.

Over 10 years ago, my health was in terrible shape: constant sore back, itchy and dry skin, sensitivity to plants and pollen, frequent headaches, breathing problems, gut problems, a lack of energy, depression and so much more.  Life was uncomfortable, and I was fed up.  I needed real solutions!

My husband and I sought out a healthier and natural lifestyle.  I began to research natural solutions.  We started using essential oils and other natural health remedies.  We also began to eat more wholesome foods and get regular exercise.  I learned how to heal emotionally and spiritually too.  I also realize that my childhood trauma and inherited emotions affected my health.  Once I understood how to heal on that level too, life improved greatly.

I began to share these wonderful things with others.  Soon I was telling everyone I met about essential oils and energy healing.  I LOVE sharing the holistic health philosophy with families!

After having worked for 11 years as a school teacher, I decided to retire and to share my passion about essential oils and natural solutions full time.  It has been an amazing journey, and now my gorgeous husband (who is a Lawyer) has joined me in this dream to help families of the world find hope, healing, and happiness.

Nowadays, I am working to make the world a better place by creating communities around the world of people who understand true healing.  We all heal on many levels.  We heal mind, body, and spirit.  When that happens, we will all have more peace, light and love in our lives.

I am especially passionate about helping people physically heal their body by emotionally resolving their childhood and generational traumas.   If this is you, let’s chat!!  I am only one person, but together we can help heal the world one family at a time.


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