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Simple Steps to Writing Affirmations


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Simple Steps to Writing Affirmations

Our beliefs create thoughts, our thoughts create feelings, our feelings create actions, and our actions create results.  If you are not getting the results you want then you need to change your beliefs.  When you change your beliefs, the actions change, the feelings change and then the results change.  Affirmations are like declarations of new beliefs you are adopting.

Beliefs >> Thoughts >> Feelings >> Actions >> Results

Step 1. Identify a concern or issue to be changed

Look at the results you are having that is causing your discomfort or disease.

Step 2. Choose a new positive belief to adopt. 

Write affirmations:

  • In present tense
  • Use Action words (like -ing words)
  • In your own words
  • Be Specific
  • Keep Simple
  • Positive
  • Use ‘I am’ statements
  • Evoke emotions
  • About yourself, not about others

Use the Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karol Truman book to find positive words for the negative emotions and feelings.

Effective examples

  • I am filled with love and acceptance of myself
  • I am growing my business quickly and easily
  • My body is filled with energy and vitality

Less effective examples

  • I won’t say bad things about myself
  • My business will grow
  • I won’t eat bad foods anymore

Step 3. Choose an essential oil to create new positive associated feelings.

  1. Use Emotions & Essential Oil book to find the right oil for you
  2. Do the smell test to find the oil that you are attracted to and use that oil along with the affirmation
  3. Write down your affirmations and read it daily
  4. Limit yourself to a few affirmation at a time
  5. Believe that you can heal and change easily.  Pray for help changing.
  6. If you can, record your voice saying those affirmations and listen to it often.
  7. Look for evidence of change.  Do not look for the failure.



For those who are sharing doTERRA as a business, here is a ShareSuccess.com handout to help you build effective affirmations for your business.



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