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AromaTouch-The Massage Blend

I love the smell of AromaTouch.  I use AromaTouch oil almost daily.  I usually rub it on my neck and shoulders before bed.  It helps me relax the mind and body.  It calms my heart and relaxes my mind.

AromaTouch is dōTERRA’s propriety massage blend of Cypress, Peppermint, Marjoram, Basil, Grapefruit, and Lavender.

AromaTouch oil goes well with Deep Blue Soothing Blend.  It is one of the 8 oils used for the AromaTouch Technique.

Cypress: Amazing oils for circulation. Cypress encourages angiogenesis.  This is a physiological process through which new blood vessels form from pre-existing vessels.

Peppermint: Peppermint supports the nerves.  It is soothing and cooling. Peppermint drives other oils in deeper.

Marjoram: Marjoram helps relieve spasms and sore muscles.  Is calming and relaxing.

Basil: Basil helps relieve spasms and sore muscles.  Is calming and relaxing.

Grapefruit: Grapefruit helps break down mucous.  Is calming and relaxing.

Lavender: Lavender is calming and relaxing to mind and body.


Muscles Discomforts: Massage directly on areas that are sore or aching.  Use a carrier oil such as Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Shoulder, Head & Neck Tension: Massage a few drops of AromaTouch oil on neck, shoulder and head to ease tension.  It is especially helpful before bed to relax the body.

Circulation: Cypress oil found in AromaTouch is wonderful for promoting more blood circulation.  Basil and Marjoram is warming.  Warm legs with a warmed up ‘wheat’ pack, massage a lot of AromaTouch oil on.  Massage in a circular motion and rub out the ‘crystals’ in the leg.  Do this regularly morning and night on each leg until leg muscles are softer and healthy color again.

Connective Tissue Support: This is a great oil for massage therapist who do fascial tissue release.

Lymphatic Support: Apply to the bottom of your feet twice a day.

Blood Pressure: Apply to the bottom of your feet twice a day.

Cold Hands & Feet: Massage on hands or feet.  Consider adding other warming oils such as Cassia & Cinnamon.

Cramps: Massage on legs and lower abs.  Drink water with a drop of Lemon oil and Peppermint oil to help the body absorb the oils better.


The Oil of Relaxation.  According to the Emotions & Essential Oilsthe negative emotions AromaTouch oil helps to shift are as followsTense, stressed, rigid, unable to relax, inflexible

The positive properties we can incorporate are the following: Relaxed, balanced, flexible, comforted, open minded and heart

Anxious Feelings:  1 drop of AromaTouch in the palms and cup over nose and inhale.

It is safe to relax.  

Tense Feelings: 1 drop of AromaTouch in the palms and cup over nose and inhale.

It is safe to go with the flow.

I give permission for me and others to be human and make mistakes.

When our mind and emotions are calm and relaxed, we think better and our gut is healthier.  There is a time and place for short spurts of stress but it should only be short and temporary.  When I am stressed, I am motivated to find solutions so I don’t allow myself to be stressed like that again.  It becomes a game of self-awareness, self-mastery and seeking solutions.


I know that God wants me to happy and not fearful. The fearful feelings means I am lacking in faith.  Faith means I trust that the Divine has my back and that I am safe.  Any time I am overwhelmed, fearful or anxious, it is a sign for me to pause and re-evaluate, become more self-aware and ask why I responded in that manner.  It is like a inner compass saying, “Jade, you’re not Divinely aligned right now.”

I begin to ask myself questions to identify false beliefs so I can clarify my mind to think positive thoughts. Sometimes what we discover is simply that we haven’t decided on and chosen to be happy and relaxed.  When we recognize that we are unnecessarily tensed and rigid, we can talk out selves out of it.

God wants us to relax and let go of stiffness of the heart.  God wants us to let go of our will and allow him to ‘drive.’  He knows what will make us happy more than we do.

Some false beliefs we might recognize when we allow ourselves to be self aware:

Examples of False Beliefs    Logical Reasoning
If I don’t do it, it won’t be done… That sends a message that everyone else is incapable, unintelligent, and untrustworthy.  Clarify what you want and communicate it clearly.  Clarify what you must have and what you are willing to compromise on. Be ok with other people putting their own ‘flare’ into it.
People don’t do it right… Define the ‘right way.’  Imagine if it is done ‘wrong.’  What is the worse that can happen?   Is it really that bad?  Define what you will be happy with.  If others (or the world) do it different, will you still choose to be happy?  Happiness is a choice.  Is it ok to allow others to shine, be creative and make mistakes?
If I don’t worry and stress, things might get worse… If I keep coming up with reason for things to get worse, I am only going to see the worse.  What if things get better?  If I don’t imagine and see good (images or results), I can’t manifest it.  Let some things go and see if the world falls apart?  Do I say, “I’ll be happy when…?”  Can I be happy now even if the world does not fit my definition of perfection? Do I believe that stress is necessary to get things done?
I carry a lot of responsibility… Do I have to carry that responsibility?  Do I believe God made everyone equal and capable?  God’s got their backs too.  How can I learn to be more trusting and confident in others and the universe.  Do I have a need to be needed?  Do I find a sense of importance in being busy? How can I delegate and share the load?  Is there a need to be a martyr or victim?  Do I benefit somehow with this belief? What can you control? And what can’t you control?
There is just not enough time in a day to rest & play…                                        Have I planned on play & rest?  Why don’t I plan play & rest?  What is wrong with play & rest?  Is play & rest part of God’s plan?  How can I be still and hear God’s voice when I am so caught up or distracted in my busyness?  If I don’t learn to love me and treat me well, how can I honestly love and treat others well?

Here is my top 10 Uses for AromaTouch massage blend. Download this pdf here.






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