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The Law of Authenticity

Each year I understand the Law of Authenticity more.  Basically, it is knowing your true identity and honoring yourself and all good things start happening in your world.  Just be YOURSELF!

  • Knowing yourself means you live and move forward courageously despite distractions.
  • You know that you are a child of God and know the great potential you hold inside
  • You live life with passion, power, and purpose.   This allows you to have your own successes.
  • Part of being yourself is not allowing other’s to influence you if you don’t feel right about it.
  • Authenticity helps you be happy with yourself.  You love and accept yourself fully.  Generally, others come to love and accept you for who you are too.

How do you live with Authenticity? 

  1. Know you are a child of God.  So pray and connect to Him always.
  2. Know that you have power within and a noble purpose to fulfill in this life. Be humble and follow your inspirations.
  3. Know that lasting happiness and peace comes only when you are authentic (honor and accept yourself.) 
  4. Authenticity is something you need to develop over time.  You can pray and meditate to get divine guidance.  You can use essential oils and create new enlightened belief scripts to help you evolve.

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa is a wonderful example of a person who is Authentic.

She knows who she is and she just does her thing with focus and passion.

She doesn’t need to compare or be influenced by what other people think.  The definition of ‘success’ is different from person to person. Mother Teresa doesn’t allow herself to be distracted trying to impress or please people.  She is focused on being faithful.

God qualifies her to do her work.

I strive to be the same.  We don’t have to know everything about everything now.  Just follow that heart and you’ll be guided a step at a time.  Focus on who God wants you to be and do not let yourself get distracted trying to impress or please everyone.

Horizontal Truth Vs. Vertical Truth

I love being connected to God.  There is a special power when you are connected to the Divine.

There are many books and scholars in the world to learn from.  We call that kind of learning Horizontal Truth.  You can spend the rest of your life learning but it may never make you a wise person.  Sometimes we continue to learn and learn but never arrive at the truth. (2 Timothy 3:7)

A very important to skill to have in addition to seeking for knowledge from Horizontal Truth is seeking for understanding from Vertical Truth.

Vertical Truth is seeking heavenly, power, direction, and wisdom.  Like Joan of Arc, she couldn’t have relied on Horizontal Truth since she couldn’t read.  There were simple peasant people around her who couldn’t have been very educated so Joan of Arc couldn’t be educated by them.  She appeared to have been close to God to have merited clear and specific instructions to liberate France.  I admire her focus and integrity.

I am inspired by many people like Joan of Arc who simply allowed herself to trust and act in faith according to the vertical truths she obtained.  It goes to show you don’t have to be super knowledgeable about everything to do your earthly calling well.  What you have currently is enough.  You will be taught and added upon as you need it.

If you think about it, people erect statues for those who are outliers, not for Peter Potential.  It is those people who know themselves and do what they have to do without being affected by other people’s fears, doubts, lack of foresight and understanding.

I know what I must do.  I don’t know all the details.  It always feels impossible until it is done.  When I am done, I am given another instruction as to what to do next.

Essential Oils

You don’t have to do it alone.  Not only do we have divine assistance in our lives but we also have earthly blessings such as essential oils.  All essential oils that I’ve used from dōTERRA have positive energies.  All these essential oils help you become more authentic in one way or another.

You will always be balanced, connected to the divine and can never betray your true self when you surrender your will to God and allow these essential oils to help you shift.

Mother Teresa, Joan of Arc, and other heros, they have undeniable passion, power, and purpose in their life.  You can be the same.

Here are some essential oils to help you detect the Authentic being within.

  • Jasmine: Pure intentions
  • Coriander: Inner-guidance
  • Juniper Berry: Dreaming
  • Lavender: Expressive
  • Lime: Engaged
  • Bergamot: Confidence

Simply smell a few of these oils for a short time and allow those positive emotions to permeate your body, mind, and spirit.  When you are done incorporating one oil, use the next one.

Breaking the Law of Authenticity

Like any universal laws, when we break these natural laws bad things happen.  When you do not honor your authentic self the negative things happen in your life to help you change course quickly.  What are these negative things?

  • You feel unhappy and lack joy
  • You feel rejected and hurt
  • You feel lost, depressed, unmotivated
  • You don’t have true abundance
  • You get sick

How do you break the Law of Authenticity?  You break this law by giving your power away through blame, excuses, and omission.  You break the Law of Authenticity when you do not act on impressions and inspirations. You break the Law of Authenticity when you are passive and allow things to happen to you instead of being proactive. You break the Law of Authenticity when you don’t allow yourself to recognize your identity as a child of God and do not tap into your power within.


When you honor your authentic self, your universe is in harmony and all things work out for your good.  When you honor the Law of Authenticity you can live life with passion, power, and purpose.


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