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Balance – The Grounding Blend

This is my #1 most favorite oil. It immediately helps me come back to the present.  If you are a box checker or a list maker, then you need Balance oil.

Balance Grounding blend helps restore the natural equilibrium of your body inside and out.1

The ingredients in Balance Grounding blend are:

  • Spruce Leaf: Grounding effect that helps with emotional release. Helps clear receptor sites.  Great for lower back and nerves.
  • Ho Wood Leaf: Provides calming effect; increases spiritual awareness. It’s a very powerful spiritual awareness oil for inner clarity.
  • Blue Tansy Flower: Relieves anger and promotes a feeling of self-control.  Read more about Blue Tansy here.
  • Blue Chamomile Flower: Calms nerves
  • Osmanthus Flower: Calming
  • Frankincense: Promotes meditation, improves attitude, and uplifts spirits.  Read more about Frankincense here.
  • Fractionated Coconut oil: Light weight and longer lasting oil with all the benefits of coconut oil.  Coconut oil has calming benefits among other things.2

Balance is the first of eight oils in the AromaTouch technique.  This oil is used to initiate the connection between the person giving and the person receiving the AromaTouch Technique.


Jet Lag & Travel: Inhale Balance oil from cupped hands and apply Balance oil across your forehead, on your ears and on the back of the neck.  It helps your brain reset and soothes the nerves when traveling.

Balancing Moods: If you are finding your moods are swinging from one extreme to the next, inhale Balance oil throughout the day.  Apply Balance oil across your forehead, on your ears, on the back of the neck, and on the bottom of big toes. Do this morning and night. Use a necklace diffuser to help you keep you balanced all day!

Balance is one of the important oils in doTERRA’s Mood Matrix:

Neurological Balancing:  Put Balance oil on ring fingers and criss-cross arms.  Put oiled ring fingers on opposite temples of your head and hold for a few seconds.  This encourages left and right brain communication.  It is important that we do cross over actions to balance brain activity.  Read more about Connected kids here.

Brain & Memory Support: Inhale Balance oil from cupped hands and apply Balance oil across your forehead, on your ears and on the back of the neck and on the bottom of big toes.  Do this daily. The brain cells communicate through electrical pulses and chemical exchange.  Balance oil helps clear the pathways.

Sleep & Restlessness: Massage Balance along the spine before bed for a more restful sleep.  This often helps with restless sensations in the legs.

Balancing Babies:  Balance oil helps babies who are learning to walk be more balanced.  Rub along the spine and on the bones of ears.

Chiropractic Adjustment Support: Rub on the bottom of your feet prior to a Chiropractic visit to help with the treatment and keeps you aligned longer.

Driving Long Distances: Before, during and after long trips on the road apply Balance on low back on wrists and on the back of the neck.  This will keep circulation going and will keep muscles and joints flexible and nerves calm and focused. If very tired apply several drops of Patchouli on the back of the neck and Peppermint internally and eternally.3

Recovering From Addiction: Balance 5 drops, Geranium 4 drops, Helichrysum 3 drops, Siberian Fir 2 drops, and Deep Blue 1 drop. Gently blend and apply to all areas of discomfort.  The discomforts are signs of the body complaining due to the change and disconnections from that addiction. This blend supports people who are seeking a lifestyle change from alcohol, drug, or sugar addictions.  Apply blend to the forearms, the back of the neck, the bones behind the ears, the bottoms of the feet.4


Balance is the Oil of Grounding.  According to the Emotions & Essential Oilsthe negative emotions Balance oil helps to shift are as follows: Scattered, ungrounded, disconnected, unstable

The positive properties we can incorporate are the following: Grounded, stable, connected, committed, self-contained, inner strength, persevering

Calming Anger & Range: Diffuse and inhale Balance & Forgive oils.  We are snappy and angry because we aren’t clear on where we are going and we subconsciously try to be overly controlling because any hiccups may lead us to unknown disaster. When we are VERY clear on what we are doing, we become more confident in our ability to resolve challenges that come our way because it doesn’t derail us from our path.

Tranquility: Apply Balance & Lavender on the back of the neck, over the heart and on the wrists – rub wrists together and inhale.

>>I choose to invite tranquility in my life

Meditation: Add to diffuser while meditating.

Locked in Grief Due to Personal Loss: Balance 4 drops, Melissa 2 drops, Wild Orange 4 drops, and Lavender 2 drops. Gently mix and apply to wrists, over the heart, on the throat, on the back of the neck and on low back, 3 times a day.5

>>I allow myself to be strong and persevere

Staying Focused & Persevering: Add to your personal necklace diffuser daily to remind you to stay on track. Discouraging things happens to us all but we do not have to let it take us down each time it comes around.  Balance oil encourages you to take everything in strides. What makes us overwhelmed is when we add up all the issues of the past to our current concern.  Even worse some of us add imagined worries of the future, experiences of the past to the current situation.  Balance encourages us to leave the past in the past and the future in the future.

Monkey Brains: Apply Balance oil across your forehead, on your ears and on the back of the neck and on the bottom of big toes.  Do this morning and night. This helps you switch off at night and take it one task at a time during the day.


Balance invites one to intentionally choose to feel and enjoy the present.  This oil is for those people who are caught up in life good or bad.  Some of us are so used to excessive thinking, speaking, or even spiritual activity.  Balance oil invites one to ‘balance’ and not just take on one task at a time but to enjoy it.

For years, I use to run too far ahead of myself. I was planning in details my weeks and months ahead and living to just check off a tasks off my list.  This behavior is a form of anxiety.  Balance invites us to plan ahead but not live in the future.

If I ever am feeling anxious or overwhelmed, I know it is a sign that I need to be grounded and focus on the positives of today.  I make myself stop and realign.  Balance teaches us to have more FAITH and choose to feel peace & reassurance.

We complain about what we don’t want all the time but many people haven’t clearly identified what it is that they really do want.  This scatters your attention and power and you unintentionally create and manifest things you don’t mean to.

For example:

We can complain that we don’t want to be poor but we haven’t chosen to be rich!  Just because we don’t want something, doesn’t mean the universe knows to give us the opposite of what we don’t want.  We need to use our power of CHOICE to intentionally CHOOSE what we want.

Other examples:

Our complaints  What we can now intentionally focus on
I hate bills. I choose to be rich (beyond the worries of bills).
I hate my body.  I am so fat. I choose to be healthy.  I choose to love my body.
I hate being sick and tired. I choose vitality and great health.
I hate my job. I choose to be employed in this ‘particular’ way.
I always attract men/friends/bosses that are like ‘this & that’. I choose to have this ‘particular’ relationship at home, work, socially.

Once we have CHOSEN what we want, then list the details of that really looks like.  If you can’t see it clearly in your mind, you won’t be able to get it.  Even if you get it, it will sleep through your fingers.  Smell Balance oil as you ground yourself and reorient your life.  We can’t keep running helter-skelter around ourselves and complain that we are not happy or moving forward.   We need to slow down and fully embrace our power of CHOICE and focus on living life intentionally.

When you’ve clearly mapped out what you really want to manifest, then it is easier to enjoy the journey as you realize your dreams and desires.

I know that since I am already clear on where I want to go, no matter what hiccups happen to come my way, I can still persevere and move ahead.

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