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Bellini Kitchen Master/Thermomix TM5

A Healthy Lifestyle –

I want to live a healthy lifestyle so I have to make it EASY to do so.  Ben and I want to train our kids to live a healthy lifestyle so it’s second nature to them.  They don’t have to unlearn and retrain their eating habits and go on endless diets as adults.

Our family plans meals, plan shopping trips and work together on making good meals but we don’t want to be in the kitchen all the time.  I don’t own a lot of appliances but this one I find myself recommending over and over again. 

We bought a Thermomix TM5 in Australia and loved, loved, loved it!  It’s a beatiful state of the art, German product.  Wow, did it make our life so much easier.  Chopping onions, carrots and other veggies were done in seconds.  No only that, but it cooks & stirs for us!  We can add a little olive oil and start it up and it sautés in the same pot!  Then we add liquids for soups, we can walk away and it cooks and stirs until it’s done.  Mashed potatoes are done in 20 minutes!  Ready to eat!  Boiled and mashed!

Our kids loved using the touch screen and making their favorite meals.  We nearly always had a healthy salad or something in our fridge.  We made our own mayo, nut butters, and vegetable stock.  There are hundreds of recipes you can make.  You can get extra recipe chips too.

The $2000 price tag scares people off but we felt it was worth it.  When we moved to the USA, we had to sell our Thermomix because of the electrical difference.  Many of our Aussie friends own a Thermomix and love it too.

This is one of the first house hold appliances we wanted as soon as settled in to our new USA home.  It’s like 10 appliances in one!  After a little research we came across the Bellini.  Not as fancy looking but this machine claims to be more powerful and just as tough and versatile.  There is no touch screen.  The price was a quarter of the Thermomix so we thought, we can give it a go and return it if it isn’t good.  We’ve had it for over a year and still use it EVERYDAY.  It is always on our counter and never stowed away.  The Bellini doesn’t have a touch screen or computer chip to tell you recipes but we’ve learned how to use it well enough, we really don’t need to use the recipe books anyways.

In the morning, Ben or I will make ourselves a shake in the Bellini.

At lunch, we do a quick soup or warm up some left overs.  Just throw ingredients in chop it, and then turn it to a lower setting and walk away.  It will beep when it is done! Sometimes we whip up a quick salad just by changing speed and time.

At night time, it assists us in making our meals.  The younger girls love being in charge of guacamole which is a breeze for the Bellini.  My middle child likes to bake so she melts chocolate in there and adds the dry ingredients in afterwards and it all mixes in the same bowl.

Ben likes to make homemade ‘ice cream’ called Fruity Dream for dessert.

It feels like we are free to eat whatever we want because we can make a healthy version of what we use to eat.  The powerful things is to not restrict yourself or deny yourself of fun foods because you will subconsciously rebel!  Self-discipline only goes so far until people break down and eat bad again.  To maintain good health you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  That means day in and day out, you need to eat well.  This is our way to always feel free to eat whatever but our options are good foods and good foods!  So which is it kids?

As you detox and cleanse, your taste buds will change and you’ll be able to taste raw foods and appreciate healthy foods more.  Your body will feel satiety faster and be satisfied which stops you from overeating!!

Back to the Bellini…it is super easy to clean and too.  Put dish soap in it and turn to max speed for 6-10 seconds and it will clean itself.  The blade is blunt and pops out easily.  We just need to use a soft brush to give it a quick swish, rinse with water and in seconds it’s clean.

I like the Bellini because it is safe for the kids to use.  The youngest of our kids were 8 when they started using it.  It won’t start until the lid is locked in place.  It won’t burn because it will shut down.  It has senses to know when you need to kneed flour too so it pulses!  Very intelligent.  You need to teach your kids some basic kitchen skills of course but it allows them to share in the cooking experience.

I highly recommend it guys!!  Five stars in my books.  🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Eat well, stay well!   Get your Bellini here.

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