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Books I Recommend

Below is my list of books I think everyone should have.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Buy "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" on Amazon

This book is about developing beliefs, paradigms, and mindsets to help you have success.

Emotions & Essential Oils

Emotions & Essential oils is a reference book for the specific emotional characteristics of each oil.  Use it to identify negative emotions to release and resolve and to find the positive emotions to replace and to adopt. If we wish to heal from any health problem, we must address the emotional roots of the matter. This is an important insightful guide for everyone who understand health beyond the physical realm to have.

Buy "Emotions & Essential Oils" on Amazon

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die…

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die is a reference guide to the Literal Language of the Body.  Use it to reference by physical ailments and diseases to identify underlying emotional imbalances. You will find a huge list of negative emotions and its positive replacements for new mental scripting.

Buy "Feelings Buried Alive Never Die" on Amazon

Buy "Feelings Buried Alive Never Die: Reference Guide" on Amazon

Living Healthy and Happily Ever After

Dr Lawton and Rebecca Hintze beautifully worked together to produce this very helpful guide and reference book.  They suggest essential oil protocols and relevant affirmations for health problems we may be facing.

Buy "Living Healthy and Happily Ever After" on Amazon

Modern Essentials

9th Edition – 2017 by AromaTools

This is often referred to the essential oil bible.  It is an easy to use textbook guide for essential oil usage.  It is an important tool to have in every home.

Buy "Modern Essentials" on Amazon

Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies

This is an amazing book, which is a must have for new and expectant mothers.  I have personally met Stephanie twice — love her.  We have used these principles taught in this book with family and friends and they work wonders.

Buy "Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies" on Amazon

You Can Heal Your Life

This amazing book helps you listen to your body and experiencing healing through focusing on your thoughts and feelings.

Buy "You Can Heal Your Life" on Amazon

The Essential Life

4th Edition – 2017

So many of my friends love this book.  It has DIY ideas that are simply great.  If you are into making crafts or homemade remedies, this book is for you.

Buy "The Essential Life" on Amazon

The Slight Edge

I love this book.  It is about being consistent in all our efforts to accomplish amazing things with small and simple efforts every day.

Buy "The Slight Edge" on Amazon


The Secret Language of Your Body

This book helps you understand the messages of your body, the underlying causes of symptoms and health conditions, and offers a process of healing.

Buy "The Secret Language of Your Body" on Amazon


The Secret Language of Color Cards

This book helps you unlock and understand the healing power of colors, their meaning and insights.  The book-set comes with 45 color cards and an 84 page book.

Buy "The Secret Language of Color Cards" on Amazon



Just a note about the links above:  The links to are my affiliate links.  You pay the same price you normally would by using those links.  However, I do receive a tiny referral fee for sending you to’s website when you buy anything there.  Having said that, if you can get these exact books cheaper somewhere else, you should do so.

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