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Breathe/Easy Air: Respiratory Blend

dōTERRA Breathe is a remarkable blend of essential oils!  It is one of those oils I make sure I have with me often.

Breathe blends well with SpearmintWild OrangeBergamot, and Lime in the diffuser.  This blend is excellent for clarity of mind and balancing the heart.

Breathe include the following oils:

Laurel Leaf:  AKA bay leaf.  Energizing. Laurel Leaf can be effective in stimulating inspiration and creative boldness while lifting spirits generally.

Peppermint: Mental clarity.  Opens airways.  Protects against environmental threats.  Great for cooling the body.  Read more about Peppermint here.

Eucalyptus: Opens airways.  Protects against environmental threats. Immune support.  Read more about Eucalyptus here.

Melaleuca: Opens airways.  Protects against environmental threats. Immune support.  Gentle on skin. Read more about Melaleuca here.

Lemon: Helps breaks down mucus. Calms histamines.  Read more about Lemon here.

Cardamom: Great for lungs and digestive system.  Read more about Cardamom here.

Ravintsara: Primary component is limonene (19%)1 Limonene: Limonene is a monoterpene, a chemical constituent found in essential oils.  Limonene is found in most citrus oils.  Limonene has cancer cell inhibition abilities.  Other oils that have Limonene: Grapefruit – 95.12%, Tangerine – 94.62%, Orange – 91.40%, Mandarin –72.36%, Lemon –  65.442 

Ravensara:  Opens airways.  Protects against environmental threats.  Helps support a good nights sleep.3

dōTERRA Breathe can be applied topically to the chest, back, or bottom of feet, or diffused at nighttime to calm the senses and promote a restful sleep. Breathe oil is found in these products. Breathe Respiratory Drops, Breathe Touch, and Breathe Vapor Stick.


Occasional Sore Throat:  Apply to the throat externally: Breathe 2 drops, Lavender 4 drops, and Basil 2 drops. Tip: Mix in a glass roller bottle with a little Fractionated Coconut Oil and apply. Use Breathe Respiratory drops.

Seasonal Threats: Apply under the nose, on the bottom of the feet as often as needed.

Winter Time Support: Put 2-3 drops in a steaming cup and inhale.  Rub on chest and back.

Clear & Easy Breathing: Put 1-2 drops in palms and cup it over nose and mouth and inhale deeply.  Also, add 2-4 drops of Breathe in a diffuser.

Sinus Support: Put 1-2 drops of Breathe on sinus areas and on the bottom of feet.  Note: Many times, sinus issues are gut issues so use DigestZen oil too.  Add 5-10 drops on wick of inhalers.  Click here to get your inhalers.

Occasional Coughs: Apply on chest area, throat area and on the bridge of nose.  Drink Lemon oil in warm water throughout the day.

Prior To Exercise: Rub Breathe on the chest and bottom of feet and use cotton socks before exercise.

Vapor Stick: Assist with breathing and lungs.  Rub on chest, back and feet.  This rub has all the benefits of the Breathe oil and no petroleum jelly!

Sleep Soundly: Diffuse 2-3 drops of Breathe in a 6-hour diffuser before bed.  Rub a few drops on the area where the toes meet the feet.  This will help keep the airways open and support clear breathing while you sleep.

Occasional Snore: Mix Thyme, Breathe, and Lime, and apply on the feet where the toes meet the foot.  Use consistently before snoring.  You may also consider cleaning out the gut with a cleanse.



The Oil of Breath.  According to the Emotions & Essential Oilsthe negative emotions Breathe oil helps to shift are as follows:  Sad, grieving, despairing, unloved, constricted, distrusting, and closed.

The positive properties we can incorporate are the following: Loved, supported, receiving, open, healing, solace, and embracing life.

Releasing Grief & Sadness: Release the trapped energy of grief from your lungs. Inhale Breathe oil and say,

>It is safe for me to let go of GRIEF (breathe out)
>>I allow myself to allow in LOVE (breathe in)


Breathe oil is about allowing yourself to live LIFE fully.  Some of us are unaware that we are breathing shallow breaths throughout our day.  We breathe shallow breaths when we stress and worry.  We stress and worry because we are in a fearful state. It is good to pause, breathe and ask ourselves what we are fearful of.  Sometimes, it’s simple to resolve as soon as we are mindful and aware.

Like most people, I often forget that I have the power to CHOOSE!  If I feel despair, unloved, constricted or closed, I tend to wallow in these feelings a while.  When I’ve had enough, I pull myself out with the self awareness that I CAN choose to replace fear with faith and be filled with life again.  Our goal is to keep working on this self-awareness and being honest with ourselves about how we respond to the world.  That way, we we keep improving and changing for the better.

This is one of my favorite quotes that keep me going.  I envision myself at the end of my life looking back and seeing all the times I have been brave and lived this life fully.  Breathe in the breath of life!

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