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Deep Blue Soothing Blend

There are several versions of the Deep Blue products, what’s the difference and how do I use it?

It is safe to use several versions of the Deep Blue at once.  Just understand what each product does.  I sometimes use the full strength oil blend and then put the rub on the top to ‘seal it in.’


The Deep Blue Rub 4oz & 1 liter pump: This is a natural rub with a generous amount of Deep Blue blend.  A little goes a long way.  Reapply as needed.

Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex®: This is a herbal blend that works from the inside to affect the body systemically.   Follow instructions on the bottle.  I take 2 capsules as needed.  It is safe to take daily.

dōTERRA Deep Blue® 5ml: This is a full strength 5ml bottle of deep blue blend.  Full strength allows the oils to penetrate deeper and faster.  It can be mixed in with lotions and scrubs etc.  Put a warm wet towel on the area you applied the Deep Blue oil in to help it drive in deeper.

dōTERRA Deep Blue® 10ml Roller bottle:This is a full strength 10ml glass roller bottle of deep blue blend.  Easy to use.

dōTERRA Deep Blue® Touch Soothing Blend: The Touch range is diluted perfectly.  Diluting the oils helps the oils stay on the surface longer.  

Take the holistic approach and heal at the root:

  • Clean fungus (Candida) out of your system.  Fungus is a moving, changing target that causes inflammation in the body.  Inflammation causes PAIN.
  • Chilax!!  An anxious mind reduces and disrupt energy flow to the gut causing all sorts of gut concerns. (Bloating, constipation, Irritable bowels, Candida overgrowth etc.) Chilax by managing emotions with essential oils.  Consciously choose to believe happy and positive things that allow you to believe you are safe.  Most of us are safer than we imagine.
  • Sleep Better.  Read more about sleep here.
  • Feed your cells with nutrition and supplements.  Read more here.


Deep Blue is the oil of Surrendering Emotional Pain.  According to the Emotions & Essential Oilsthe negative emotions Spikenard oil helps to shift are as follows: Resisting pain, avoiding emotional issues, panicked, fearful, wounded

The positive properties we can incorporate are the following: Strengthened, accepting, soothed, serene, healing

Believe it or not, we sometimes subconsciously choose to have pain and be in painful situations.  Some of us feel undeserving and think we are broken or less than other people on earth.  You may not be aware of it until you start being honest with yourself.  I’ve seen people who feel important if they are busy, or sick, or in pain.  Deep Blue helps them release the need to hold onto emotional pain.

Naturally when something is painful we try to avoid it.  Sometimes, when the ‘challenge repeats’ we need to see if it is us who is creating or allowing that pain from repeating.  When we stop resisting painful situations and simply let it pass through us, it can actually refine us and help strengthen us.  What makes things more painful is when we fear that it will GET WORSE!  We fear that it may overwhelm us and we loose control.


Spiritually we will be stretched and challenged.  Fear magnifies our situation and pain.  When we not only accept but appreciate our challenges, it transforms us.  Those painful situations can provide a special learning grown that is invaluable.  We draw out the lesson when we resist it.  The pain is temporary and once it passes, don’t relive it in your mind over and over again.

Deep Blue holds your hands and comforts and soothes you physically, mentally and spiritually.  Believe that pain and discomfort will not last for ever.

God cares more about your growth than your comfort.  Be grateful for your situation then suddenly, you’ll transcend it and find solutions and comfort.  You look beyond yourself and hope.  As soon as the edge is taken off, try to focus less on yourself and understand what you can learn from all this.

ANALOGY: As a school teacher, I challenge students all the time so they can be right outside their comfort zone.  This is the instructional zone where we are not all the way uncomfortable and perfectly challenged.  When the student gratefully accepts this new challenge he/she grows progresses quickly.  When the student resists, she/he stays on that level until they show proficiency and improvement.  This resistance comes from a fear that it is too hard and maybe too painful to bare.  The teacher is confident!  It is the student’s lack of trust and faith in the teacher’s wisdom simply causes self-sabotage.  Likewise, we can take the approach of an appreciative student and surrender to the experience.

In many areas of my life, I’ve learned to surrender and accept the lessons with gratitude.  I feel more happy, empowered, free and generally at peace with my life and purpose.

Any pains in any part of my body is a clue as to where I need to start changing.  Isn’t that liberating!

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