I just love this new and exciting way to share my knowledge with others.  Here is where you can access all my eBooks (more to come).

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It’s Here! My story!

Pink Jade

A True Story of a Vietnamese Refugee Girl

This is my refugee story.  I tell my story of growing up during a time of conflict in war-torn Vietnam, and escaping at a very young age as a refugee.  How my family escaped by boat and narrowly escaped death and made new lives for ourselves in a new country.

I am excited to announce that Balboa Publishing Company has agreed to publish this book.  Soon it will be available in bookstores all over the world.  I welcome any feedback you may wish to share (email@jadebalden.com).  Enjoy.


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The price of this book is $3.95.

If money is tight for you right now, please click here to get a free copy.  I want to share this story with everyone.


  • PDF (Suitable to print or read on a computer – 113 pages)
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  • Audiobook [*NEW*](Suitable to listen to on audio devices – formatted for iTunes, may also work on other devices)
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How Mothers Can Create More Time, Energy, and Power

Get "How Mothers Can Create More Time, Energy, and Power" eBook (FREE)

This book is a must have for mothers.  Motherhood is a wonderful world of joy and love, but it can also be full of CRAZY EMOTIONAL CHALLENGES like stress, fatigue, and feelings of being overwhelmed and unappreciated. In this 8-page eBook, I share with you how you can get more TIME, ENERGY, and POWER and enjoy motherhood again.

How to Have the Healthiest Pregnancy, Birth, and Baby


Get "How to Have the Healthiest Pregnancy, Birth, and Baby" eBook (FREE)

This eBook’s objective is to empower, prepare, and give confidence to expecting mothers.  I hope this eBook will help you experience the healthiest pregnancy, birth and baby.

This book will cover:

✓Prepare your body for pregnancy,
✓Support you during pregnancy,
✓Relax during labor and birth, and
✓Keep you and your baby healthy afterwards.


10 Steps to Guarantee Optimum Wellness

Get "10 Steps to Guarantee Optimum Wellness" eBook (FREE)

There is so much advice out there in terms of health and wellness.  In this 28 page eBook, I review my philosophy of attaining Optimum Wellness by putting all that advice into a comprehensive wellness philosophy.


Top 10 Essential Oil Tips for Men


Get "Top 10 Essential Oil Tips for Men" eBook (FREE)


Understand essential oil uses from a Guy’s perspective.



How To Print Your eBook as a Booklet

You can print your eBook as an booklet from Adobe Reader.  Simply click on the Booklet setting.  I am trying to produce eBooks as 8 page booklets, so you can easily download and print them.