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What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is releasing identified NEGATIVE trapped energy vibrations and balancing the energy systems in the body.  The many ailments we experience usually have an negative emotional root.  Instead of approaching illnesses by managing symptoms, we resolve it by examining the root causes and imbalances.

For example, a persistent tummy concern could be an outward manifestation of anxiety.  We do not manage symptoms with drugs.  We identify the root emotion in this case of ‘anxiety’ and release it.  This way we learn to be more carefree and permanently address the tummy concern.

Using a method of communicating with our body system called muscle-testing, we can detect energy imbalances.   We can identify specific trapped negative emotions, negative associations and false beliefs in the body that acts as an obstacle to balance and healing.

When a trained practitioner, like me, has your permission, they can act as proxy for you and tap into your energy field or subconscious.  This is an immensely effective way to identify and clear negative energy trapped in your body, which can cause mental blocks or physical ailments.  We then help the mind rescript with specific POSITIVE scripts to help the mind create new thinking patterns.

I love helping people all over the world balance their energy and release trapped emotions.  Together we discover and break down blockages that prevent people from being happy and fulfilling their life’s purpose.