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Feeling Stuck & Frustrated?

Are your inhibitions getting in your way?

Unable to lose the weight you want?

Sick and tired of being sick?

Having a hard time being HAPPY?

Want to help your children or someone that is sick?

Energy Balancing with Faith is a self-guided course which can help you master energy healing skills for yourself and for others.  This is a simple technique yet profound in its results. Using faith in the empowering power of Jesus Christ, we have the power to heal and balance life to achieve the amazing permanent relief and liberation we deserve.

What are the benefits of this course?

  • Understand more profoundly healing with natural solutions such as essential oils
  • Master healing mind, body, & spirit
  • Find your true happiness & inner power
  • Allow love into your heart & recognize your true self-worth
  • Discover your life’s purpose & calling
  • Release false beliefs & fears that hold you back from the success you deserve
  • Enjoy greater health & vitality
  • Unlock your creativity
  • Become an “Earth Angel” and bless lives in your circle of influence
  • Develop your intuitive powers within


What does this course involve?

  1. Watch instructional videos (you can re-watch them or take longer than a a week if you like)
  2. Do activities and take quizzes
  3. Complete weekly short assignments & email back to Jade (not for grading but for your practice
  4. Join & Participate in our private Energy Balancing FaceBook group for ongoing support

Receive a certificate upon completion of this course.

How much is this course?

$249 (or three monthly  payment of $85)

BONUS OFFER: The first 50 enrollments will receive a free 1 hour energy healing session with Jade Balden. (Value at USD $65)

$314 value

for only



Enroll in "Energy Balancing with Faith" Now


You have a full year to complete the course, which could be completed well within a month for most people.  If you complete the course and introduce someone else, you can get lifetime access.  More details here.



View the Webinar: Introduction and Demonstration



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