Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions and my answers regarding all things essential oil and my business.

Essential Oils

Are these oils organic?

Yes, they are.  In fact, they are beyond the typical ‘organic’ grade.  CPTG essential oils are sourced not only for their aroma but for their highly therapeutic levels.  Every step of their production is carefully monitored.  It is just as much an art as a scientific matter.  You will be very please once you’ve tried these oils.  Click here to learn more.

Are these oils safe?

Absolutely!  We can use these essential oils on anyone from newborns to the fragile elderly.  There is a certain amount of education and training involved at first but once you’ve obtained the general skills, you will be very confident.

How can I get some (of these oils)?

You can buy essential oils retail from any dōTERRA Wellness Advocate.  If you would like to get it at wholesale prices, then you might want to become a dōTERRA member.  For more info click here.

What’s that good for?

These essential oils can help with a variety of health concerns.  It was the ancient medicine of many civilizations.  All the oils have protective abilities and hundred’s of active chemicals.  The oils often overlap in what it can do so sometimes the oil you have will do the job you need.

Are they proven?

Yes, of course.  If you want to know more there are several sites to find research.

Online Medical Journal:

Essential Oil Science Library:

You can read about the nature of essential oils in books such as the Modern Essential Book that can serve as a reference usage guide.  For more info click here.

Are they safe?

Absolutely.  The Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils we use are the highest grade in the world.  They do rigorous testing second to none.  For more information click here.

Where are they from?

The dōTERRA essential oils are sourced all over the world.  dōTERRA sources the essential oils from plants grown in special locations that produces highly therapeutic essential oils.   For example, Lemon oil is from Italy.  Frankincense oil is from Somalia. Vetiver oil is from Haiti.  For more information click here.

How do I use it?

We use the essential oils in three main ways.  1. Aromatically (smelling it) 2. Topically (rubbing it on) and 3. Internally (drinking it or taking it in a capsule.) For more information click here.


How can I learn more?

Click here

How do I get some?




What do you do?

Start with understanding HOW you want to participate in dōTERRA.  Do you want to put only a few hours in each week and earn a few hundred each month?  OR do you want to replace your income and build a future with dōTERRA?  Click here to discover the different ways to participate in dōTERRA.