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Frankincense: The King of Oils



Ah, Frankincense.  We love the Frankincense essential oil!

You are going to hear people refer to Frankincense as the King of Essential oils.  It really does seem amazing.  I am grateful to have access to such an amazing oil.  You probably heard the saying,

“When in doubt, use Frankincense.”  

This is a successful approach because Frankincense has a large array of chemical constituents which makes it a jack-of-all- trades.   I use Frankincense in one way, shape, or form each day with my family.  Frankincense is in the xEO mega supplement I take.  It is in the  Balance grounding blend I use morning and night.  It seems to be everywhere.

If you look up Frankincense in an essential oil guide, you will find a big list of uses.

Currently, dōTERRA owns the world supply of Frankincense.  dōTERRA uses only the highest grade of Frankincense resin: Boswellia carterii, frereana, and sacra.  What dōTERRA does not use is sold to other brands.  The essential oils is taken from dried resins from trees that grow in arid environments in countries like Somalia.

When I was first introduced to Frankincense, I was so excited about it.  I knew that it was a special oil because of the story of Jesus Christ’s birth.  I bought and read this book. Frankincense by Dr. David Hill, and learned everything I could.

Here are the main reasons to use Frankincense:

Cellular Function – Supports healthy cellular function (internal application).  Frankincense oil can pass through the blood brain barrier into brain cells.  This means it can help the protect the cells from damage, help the body repair damage, or trigger cell self-destruction (apoptosis) in cells that are beyond repair.

Mood – Induces feelings of peace, relaxation, satisfaction, and wellness (aromatic application).  Add Frankincense to any blend for profound psychological benefits.  Frankincense can facilitate oxygenation of cells for optimal communication at the cellular level.  When the brain cells can communicate better, they can produce all the hormones and chemicals you need to be happy!

Skin – Reduces appearance of skin imperfections (topical application).  From pigmentation to scaring, Frankincense helps support tissue regrowth and repair.  Add it to your skin creams.

My favorite use of Frankincense is for birthing, children and emotions.  The more you use Frankincense, the younger and more alive you feel.  There are so many things we can use Frankincense for, here are a few.


Immune System: Apply topically or take internally to boost immunity.  Frankincense is great for gut health.  When your gut is healthy, your immunity improves too.1

Inflammation: Rub on affected areas to promote a healthy inflammatory response

Anti-Aging Skin Care: Frankincense is one of the ingredients in Immortelle the Anti-Aging blend.  You can make your own blends in any lotion or cream.  I like to make my own with the dōTERRA hand and body lotion.  Apply to skin and hands to reduce the appearance of aging, scaring and dryness.  Other oils you can use with Frankincense are: Geranium, Lavender, Rose, Sandalwood, and Myrrh. (2)

Other Skin Conditions: Frankincense is one of the ingredients in the dōTERRA Correct-X ointment.  It is a wonderful natural solution for the many skin concerns.

Anointing Newborn: Put a drop of Frankincense on newborns soon after the birth to help with repair from the trauma of birth.  It also helps protect the baby from environmental threats.  Myrrh is typically used on the baby’s umbilical cord stump.

Brain Support: Mix Frankincense and Peppermint oil together, rub on forehead, back of neck and inhale deeply.  Use this blend morning and night for all kinds of cognitive concerns.

Cellular Support: Frankincense is one of the oils in DDR Prime.  Take this blend  daily for cellular support.  When our cells are well, we have healthy tissues.  Healthy tissues means healthy organs.  Healthy organs mean a more healthy body!23

Winter Chest Rub: 5 drops Frankincense, 1 drop Thyme, 1 drop Oregano, 1 drop Ginger, 2 drops Eucalyptus, 2 drops Cypress, 1 drop of Siberian Fir; gently blend with Fractionated Coconut Oil and apply along the sternum in an upward motion several times a day to open up chest and ease breathing. (Dr. Sue Lawton)


Frankincense is the Oil of Truth.  It has a profound ability to help with any cognitive concerns.  It has been used in religious and spiritual rites and ordinances for centuries.  Its centering effect allows one to focus clearly and is an ideal aid to meditation, contemplation, prayer and ceasing mental chatter and stilling the mind.

It helps remove the negative emotions of abandonment, distant from father, and feeling unprotected.

Positive Clear Thoughts: Mix 3 drops of Frankincense and 3 drops of Wild Orange together in your palms and inhale.  Focus on all the good positive things around you.  Be aware of goodness in yourself and in others. Relax the chest and heart.

End of Life Care: Diffuse in the room of those who are nearing the end of their life.  It helps with breathing, clarity of mind and emotional well being.  It also helps support family and friends in this difficult time.  Frankincense can be massaged all over the body to help relieve anxious feelings, emotions, or tension, to hydrate dry skin, and to reduce sores and aches.

Mending Relationship With Dad: Diffuse Frankincense often.  If you’ve not had the best relationship with your father, here is an opportunity for you to change that.  It is important that you make peace with your dad.  In your journal, write down all those negative feelings and stories you have with your dad.  Then write down the positive opposite feelings you want to have now.  Choose to change and rescript now.  Frankincense will smell nicer the more you heal your relationship with your father.

Joyful Heart Blend: In an empty glass oil bottle, mix together 8 drops Frankincense, 3 drops Ylang Ylang, 6 drops Clary Sage, 10 drops Wild Orange, 8 drops Siberian Fir, 15 drops of Geranium, 15 drops of Lavender.  Add to your diffuser and use when your heart is tempted to be heavy.


Frankincense helps release the feeling of spiritually disconnected and spiritual darkness.  Allow Frankincense to help you feel enlightened, wise, and spiritually open.

For those who feel disconnected with God, start using Frankincense to mend the rift.  Frankincense helps you see truth and lies.  It helps you let go of negativity and deceptions.  They say Frankincense helps in pulling the “scales of darkness” from the eyes revealing light and truth.  Use Frankincense often to break down heart and mind barriers and walls.  God is always there, it is us that have moved away from him.

When you see truth and light again, you will be able to open up to God’s love and direction.  True peaceful joy comes from connection to God, other people and the universe.

Here are my top 10 uses of Frankincense oil handout.  Download this pdf here.




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  • Reply Vanessa September 29, 2017 at 3:26 am

    In 2013 my mum Marianna was rushed in hospital in agonising pain very seriously unwell. After 4 wks and a diagnosis of lupus she was sent home with Prednisone and later Azathioprine which are very strong immuno suppressants. The lupus had attacked her left lung and heart. Which caused swelling and fluid around the heart.
    In the 4 years since her doctors have tried to wean her off the strong drug’s numerous times. Each time she’s Landed straight back into hospital with the very same symptoms that put her there in the first place. CRP levels thru the roof. Agonising pain and so doctors have had NO choice but to up the drug dosage and try for another time.
    Fast Forward to 2017 and her specialist wanted to try again. She introduced Azathioprine 150 mg to wean her off Prednisone 10 mg. (remember everytime she hits 5 mg she’s back in hospital!)

    Roughly mid August we were introduced to doterra frankincense oil thru the lovely bek! What amazing timing as mum hit 6 mg Prednisone and started having symptoms again. SO two drops of frankincense under her tounge. 15 min later pain was gone.
    She has been taking it 3 times daily. She is now down to 3 mg and only 50 mg of Azathioprine and she’s totally. I mean totally fine. No pain. No symptoms, she went away on a little holiday even. I feel as though I’m getting my mum back!
    Lavender to help her sleep, lemon in her water each day, and a wheat free sugar free diet has helped but none more so than frankincense oil! I will let you know when she’s at 0 mg Prednisone and 0 mg Azathioprine. In the meantime its full steam ahead thanks to those beautiful precious oils!

    With love and thanks Vanessa and Marianna xx

    • Reply Jade Balden September 29, 2017 at 3:12 pm

      Thank you for sharing Vanessa! I am so happy for your mum! Yes, full steam ahead…it will get even better.

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