An Introduction to Essential Oils

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What are essential oils?

  • Pure extracts from plants (50-70 X more powerful than herbs)
  • Carefully steam distilled or cold pressed extraction
  • Highly concentrated – e.g. 1 drop of peppermint essential oil = 28 cups of peppermint tea
  • Nature’s defense mechanism for plants and cells
  • Safe, effective, and affordable alternative to synthetic health remedies



How do essential oils help us?

  • Provide a safe and natural alternative to commonly used medicine
  • Hundreds of compounds in each essential oil have a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications
  • Used for thousands of years for health, beauty, and food
  • Few, if any, undesirable side effects when used as directed
  • Oils work with body to address issue and root causes on a cellular level


How do we use essential oils?

Essential oils can be applied in three ways:

Three ways to use essential oils:
Aromatically – Breath in or diffuse.

  • Inhaling essential oils can affect your mood, clear your airways, and cleanses the air.

Internally – Add to water, drop under tongue, or put in a capsule.

  • Certain essential oils can be used as digestive supplements to support the mouth, throat, liver, the digestive system, and your overall health.

Topically – Apply to feet, back of ears, chest, back of neck or any troubled areas. Message as desired.

  • One drop of essential oils on the bottom of your feet enters your blood stream in 30 seconds and is powerful enough to service every cell in your body.

When applying Topically, use caution on sensitive skin. Essential oils can be divided into three groups:

  • Neat – no dilution required: apply directly on skin
  • Sensitive – dilute for young or sensitive skin*
  • Dilute – dilute before using*

*Essential oils can be diluted with a carrier oil such as Fractionated Coconut oil or olive oil.

Are essential oils safe, effective, and affordable?

That depends. The essential oil industry is unregulated. There are many essential oils that are produced in a laboratory and many that are extracted from plants.

When shopping for essential oils, be sure you find oils that are both pure and potent.

  • Purity >>> Safe
  • Potency >>> Effective
  • Concentrated >>> Affordable (1 drop of Lemon oil costs about $0.08)

The industry’s grading of essential oils:

  • Synthetic – toxic chemical fragrances
  • Food – cooking extracts and flavorings
  • Therapeutic – unregulated standards opened this category to misleading claims, compromised quality, and marginal health benefits
  • Certified Pure and Certified Therapeutic – quality and purity standard – safe for all ages and uses

Definition of essential oils?

Essential oils are…

① lipid soluble compounds, which are
② natural-occurring (extracted or distilled from plants),
③ therapeutic (have a physical benefit to wellness),
④ volatile (easily evaporate at room temperature),
⑤ aromatic (having a pleasant and distinctive smell), and
⑥ concentrated (a single drop can have profound affect).

Choosing an essential oil…

Why dōTERRA meets the grade?

We trust dōTERRA brand of essential oils because they are both pure and therapeutically potent.  dōTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) quality control process ensures the oils are both potent and pure.

Every dōTERRA essential oil is put through the highest standard of rigorous and thorough testing.  dōTERRA has perfectly melded modern advances in testing procedures to ensure the purity and efficacy of each essential oil.
Potency starts with the plant itself.  The same species of plant when grown in different environments will vary in chemical composition.  When grown and harvested in the right conditions, the essential oil produced has a high therapeutic value.

dōTERRA employs a global network of farmers who know intimately the process of growing plants for essential oils.  They ensure the plant is taken care of properly and harvested at the proper stage.

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