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Moving From Modern Approach to Natural Approach

Designed to manage symptoms

The Modern Approach has evolved so much so that we are mostly managing whatever symptoms we can observe.  There are many imbalances under the surface that we aren’t aware of within our body.  We are trying to temporarily manage discomforts without trying to discover the root causes.  It is similar to putting a bandaid over the ‘check engine light’ in our car when it lights up.  Stopping our brains from feeling pain may help us be comfortable for a short moment but we need to really investigate what is the root causes to prevent it from happening again.

Made from isolated synthetic agents

Many of the solutions are man-made and synthetic with a few active ingredients that may not be stable or metabolized in our body well.  Because of that, it may accumulate in our system and cause damage to tissues and cells.  Our body may have a hard time eliminating it or responding appropriately to them.

Side effects (known and unknown)

The list of side effects may vary.  Often the combination of other drugs taken in conjunction hasn’t been tested and the side effects are unknown.  The synthetic agents maybe unstable so the body doesn’t know how to effectively respond and eliminate the agents.

$6.5 trillion/year spent on global health care

Healthcare is rising but people’s health or life expectancy isn’t getting better.12 Does this mean we are throwing our money in the wrong area with the hope of improving our health?

Are we healthier?

Look around you?  How many people do you know that are NOT on medications?  How many people have healed from chronic health issues?  How many more people have cancer, diabetes, arthritis, dementia, allergies, learning difficulties?  More and more people are getting sick.  The U.S. life expectancy is lower now than a generation before.3

Help address issues and root causes

The root cause of most health issues is a combination of

  • Stresses (environmental toxins, microbial, emotional, mental, physical–noise, lack of sleep, tissue & muscle damage, extreme temperatures etc)
  • Nutritional deficiency (cells need basic building blocks to function optimally)
  • Toxins (chemicals and poisons from cleaning products, air pollution, food, medicine, vaccines, personal care products

Made of natural compounds found in plants that enhance physical and emotional health

Essential oils are made of organic carbon materials that the body recognizes and can metabolize.  The body system is complemented with natural compounds found in plants.

Safe benefits without negative side effects

Because the oils are metabolized so quickly in your body, it can not build up.  The essential oils assist your body in doing it’s regular detoxing and cleansing functions by cleansing the cells.  The oils are intelligent and will be delivered to areas in the body as needed to balance you.  If you have access, your body will eliminate it quickly.  The only concern would be if the oils are ‘hot’, it may be uncomfortable to sensitive skin or skin areas.  Simply diluting the oils will help.  The oils won’t ‘burn’ you.  The other concern would be photosensitivity.  This means the oils with direct exposure to the sun or UV rays within 12 hours of application on skin could result in ‘sunburn.’  This happens naturally in nature with radish and other plant compounds you get on your skin and expose it immediately directly to the sunlight.

Less time at doctor, fewer copays

In my family, it has been over 7 years since we’ve used over the counter drugs.  I’ve had to take one of my daughters to the ER for a fracture on her feet and that’s it.  I find that when we use the oils daily to maintain good health, we don’t have to use it as ‘medicine’ to fix a health problem.  We use it to help us stay comfortable but every time we use the oils we are helping our body at many levels.  We help our body heal at the emotional and spiritual levels too which is the root of our physical health problems.

Pennies per use

Each 15ml bottle has 250 drops.  Lemon oil is 4 cents per drop and you only need a few drops in your glass at a time.

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