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New To dōTERRA? – Maximize Your Membership

Welcome to dōTERRA

This page will help orientate you to your new dōTERRA membership.  Our team hopes to provide support to help you as you embark on your new journey.  dōTERRA provides wonderful CPTG essential oils and wellness products.  We know your efforts to maximize your membership will be very valuable to you time and time again.

Maximize Your doTERRA Membership:


This is what I share with each new member.  I review their membership, and introduce them to all the wonderful products that I use with my family.  Here are the topics:



Download the PDF: Welcome to dōTERRA





Get the Most Out of Your Oils

These videos are here to help answer the most common membership questions.  Enjoy.


Get Support Through Email

Get New Member Emails

Please sign up for our New Member Email Series (especially for new members)
(all welcome to sign up for this email series)
People subscribed to this list will receive over 20 periodic emails during their first 60 days, then they will only receive updates to the blog from time to time.
1. Helps participants Maximize their Membership, and
2. Introduces them to the majority of doTERRA’s products
3. Introduces essential oil concepts and wellness applications

Here is a sample: click here.

Get Your Reference Bookmark

This bookmark will help you reference the different names of blends with doTERRA brand and various reference guides.


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Social Media

If you are not on social media, its a great idea to get there.  You control how much you participate.  I’ve helped people get a Facebook account.  But let people make this choice on their own.  This is neither compulsory nor necessary.  But it can sure help.

Here are some ways you can connect with me:

Welcome to doTERRA.   dōTERRA was founded in by 7 owners in 2008.  This amazing company was built on the mission of sharing therapeutic-grade essential oils with the world. Having seen for themselves the incredible benefits that can be had from using these precious resources, a group of health-care and business professionals set out to make this mission a reality. They formed a company and named it doTERRA, a Latin derivative meaning “Gift of the Earth.”

Ben and I have been using the essential oils 7 years.  I was a school teacher now turned health nut.  I was very sick and now healthier than ever.  I am passionate about helping families receive great health, healing, prosperity and JOY!  My husband, Ben was a lawyer, and has Masters in Businesses administration.  This very intelligent man loves to consult and coach anyone who want to create financial freedom.

Learn More About Essential Oils and dōTERRA

Go to the RIGHT places online

Get some good trusted essential oil guides


Here are some books I recommend. 

Attend educational events and classes

Click here for my local and online events.

Click here for Ben’s local and online events.

The world of essential oils may be new to you or you’ve been familiar with essential oils for many years.  Either way, there is ALWAYS something new to learn.  I took an Aromatherapy course and found that most of the information and research they were still working with were  outdated!  So, be wise and keep learning.  Be teachable.

You can learn from local events.  Your dōTERRA leaders should have a list of classes and events in your area.  dōTERRA hosts educational events like the Wellness Summits and other get-to-know-dōTERRA events.

When you are with like minded people, you feel more confident, supported and validated.  You will learn about many things.  Along the way, you’ll learn to heal on many levels.  

Please attend the dōTERRA annual conventions and post conventions. You feel the POWER there.  It is a place to get educated by renown doctors and scientists.  You will meet people and hear their healing stories and testimonies.

If you can’t physically make events and classes, you can always attend events online.

I share these new member classes with each new member.  I review their membership, and introduce them to all the wonderful world of dōTERRA: the products and opportunity.  Here are the topics:

The Maximize Membership handout for this meeting is the first 2 pages of this booklet.

The objective of the Maximize Membership Meeting is to help new members

  1. Apply the essential oils into their daily life
  2. Understand the benefits of their membership i.e how to order LRP
  3. Participate in future classes for further education
  4. Host their first essential oil class
Below are the handouts that we use for our Wellness Product Classes (Click here for the complete packet pdf):

Buying Your Products at the best price

Check out more about buying your essential oils at more than 55% off.

As you go through this second page. Check for understanding by asking questions and listening to their answers.  If you see that they’ve understood, then ask them to tick the box to indicate that they understand it. This way you are thorough and they know you’ve told them.  It helps them remember.

Each product has a Retail price, wholesale price and PV value.  (PV is important somewhat equalizer when we have international currency).

You can make either a Standard order or a Loyalty Rewards order.  The benefits of ordering LRP are

  • You earn free product points (good for a full 12 months)
  • Qualify for promotions
  • Get shipping costs back in product points
  • (NOTE: $3 redemption fee for every redemption)

The longer you make consecutive monthly LRP orders, the higher percentage you will receive. You can get up to 30% off in addition to the 25% off retail. The best way to buy.  But wait… there’s more…

There are five numbers to remember: 1, 50, 100, 125, and 200.

  • 1PV – will preserve your product points
    • If you don’t have an LRP order of at least 1PV that month, you lose all your product points and percentage (see more details in the handout below)
  • 50PV – will begin earning product points and increasing the percentage of product points you earn
  • 100PV – you will begin to earn commission for those you have introduced
    • If you don’t have 100PV for the month, you will not receive that commission
  • 125PV – Qualifies you for the FREE Product of the Month
  • 200PV – from time to time there are product promotions of 200PV value where you can get additional free product for orders above and beyond that

Understand how to log onto your account

Here is a quick video about your account:




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