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Debbie Gordon has been a nurse for 32+ years.  She is a dōTERRA Diamond Wellness Advocate.

I hope that you find confidence in what Debbie shares.  Her message is about honoring mother nature and being aware of your own intuition.  Everyone can be a healer in their home.

Here are the notes from our online Zoom call with her on Sept 26th, 2017.

Debbie shares:

  • 63% population want to use natural remedies
  • 76% medical professionals use natural remedies yet don’t share that info with their clients
  • She believes this information should be shared with everyone.
  • Western Medicine didn’t have answers for her.  She has long search for natural solutions.
  • Debbie and Jay, her husband, recognized natural solutions such as herbs and homeopathics as better for their health.
  • Her friend Linda introduced her to essential oils without telling her how to get them.  Previous to Linda sharing, Jay tried to encourage Debbie to learn more about essential oils by taking her to several boutiques. Debbie couldn’t stand to walk into the business as the aromas were toxic to her system and innately she knew they were not pure.
  • Not all essential oils are created equal. Debbie had used essential oils for almost two decades before finding dōTERRA and sometimes they worked and sometimes they didn’t…that is until she found dōTERRA. Debbie attests to the fact that dōTERRA holds the market in purity and potency. And the results are therapeutically beneficial and effective EVERY time. When you smell different essential oil brands side by side, you will recognize dōTERRA’s purity and potency. Trust your nose.
  • Debbie has traveled the world educating on essential oils and has been exposed to dozens more brands. Not only can one expect therapeutic consistency from dōTERRA, but they can also see immediate results most of the time. Debbie says, “the oils [dōTERRA] always works. If you are not getting the results that you desire, consider going back to the resource books and doing a little more research and reaching for additional oils.” Seldom does Debbie reach for just one oil…unless it’s an oil blend. She loves the synergy that comes when you use 2-3 oils together. And the results are most always immediate.
  • Debbie was attending/presenting at a perinatal nursing conference when she found dōTERRA. Peggy Smith was a vendor there and Jay found Debbie and took her to Peggy’s vendor table saying “You are going to want to see this.”  Peggy was busy, but immediately Debbie knew that this was what she had been looking for and she wanted everything on Peggy’s table. She had Jay leave a business card and requested that Peggy call her the following week. When Peggy called, Debbie asked, “How soon could you do a class for me. I have always wanted to learn more about essential oils. AND…how many do you want present to make it worth your while?”  Peggy said 6-8!  She called 22 people.  All 8 of those people who came are still using those essential oils today. Before Debbie even had even had a dōTERRA product experience, before she even owned any doTERRA products, she was sharing and reached out to 22 people in order to confirm 8 attendees.
  • Debbie is a labor and birthing RN, a doula, a HypnoBirthing Practitioner and she wanted to be certain that these products were safe for her clientele. She cornered Dr. David Hill, David Stirling, and Rob Young to inquire about the safety of the essential oils and supplements for pregnant, birthing, lactating mothers and newborn babies. The answer was a resounding “YES”! Next, she turned to the scriptures to help her find answers and there she found mention of over 500 references in the Bible mentioning essential oils and herbal solutions. She knew she had to share this new found information with everyone in her circle of contact.
  • Advice to nurses: “Do not be the expert!” Debbie had so many people coming to her for answers to their questions that they can find out for themselves by having a good resource book. Teach people how to find their own solutions. Teach them to be self-reliant and listen to their intuitive voice and they will become healers in their homes.
  • Debbie wants to help mothers become healers and “nurse maids” to their children. “I want them to be confident reaching for the oils first.” There are many great resource books available...Modern EssentialsThe Essential LifeEssentials of the Earth, Emotions and Essential Oils, Stephanie Fritz’ Essential Oils in Pregnancy, Birthing, and Babies. These products make parenting so much easier when we are knowledgable of how to use them and how to find solutions quickly.
  • “I love having what I need at my fingertips when I need it! There is nothing more empowering, nothing that brings more peace of heart as mother than knowing that I have what I need when I need it.” And  the best part is that we are training our children and the next generation and the next in natural solutions that are simple, safe, effective, and affordable.
  • Share these oils. We want to get them into every home so others can experience what we have experienced. Be generous! Listen for needs. Reach out to bless others. Open your mouths and share these oils with all that come in your circle of influence.  Be mindful not to “vomit” (info) on people though. Give them little bits of information.
  • Debbie says, “I am a better nurse sharing dōTERRA than I was working in the hospital for so many years. I see true healing happening all around me with dōTERRA.”
  • Debbie shares using the nursing process…and anyone can learn the basic principles without being a nurse. See below.
  • Listen for needs and learn to ask good questions. When you hear others complaining of health issues, show empathy. “Wow, it sounds like you’ve been struggling with that for some time. What have you done about it/using for that? How is it working? Are you open to natural solutions? What do you know about essential oils?  Would you be open to learning more?” Then set an appointment and sit down one-on-one to talk specifically about their health goals and concerns, share more about dōTERRA and essential oils and how we use them and show them the most popular products and the best way to get them. Avoid selling on the fly. Make time for them to tell you what’s concerning them so you can guide them better on the best options for them. We serve them best when we help them find the best kit for them. Remove any pressure. Give them an out and they are even more likely to see what’s in it for them. “You don’t have to buy anything, but if you see something you like, I will help you order it.”
  • When Debbie’s husband, Jay, was studying pharmacy, they taught a class called Pharmacognosy that was the study plant-based medicine.  Our synthetic medicinals came from studying the medicinal benefit of plants and the biochemistry behind their effectiveness. If you have somebody who needs both (medicine and essential oils), Jay is a great resource. Use him.
  • Debbie has replaced all medications in her home. Last medication she took was 21+ years ago. It was an allergy medicine that made her very sleepy. She is no longer laden with allergy issues. Among the many allergies she had, cat allergy was one of the worst.  Now she can be around cats and if she needs support, she just puts a drop of Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint on her tongue and she can continue petting the cat.  Eran, her youngest son, was diagnosed with a severe peanut allergy at age one. They have managed him completely with the oils and have never had to reach for his epipen. Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint is her go to for allergy support for any family members showing signs of a reaction to something in their environment.
  • These essential oils are life saving and life changing.
  • Debbie tells a story of her son Eran coming to her late one Saturday night at 10:30 pm with complaints of his urine “being yellow and red”. She reached for her oils, studying the resource books for recommended solutions and in less than 24 hrs. he was symptom free.
  • Debbie suggests “don’t stop using the oils the moment you feel better. Keep nourishing the body at least 24 hrs. beyond when you feel completely well and it will heal itself beautifully. Even after the ‘crisis period’ you need to help your body get back to the restful state and functioning well again.
  • Debbie teaches HypnoBirthing classes. There is too much fear based info online.  dōTERRA’s CPTG oils are safe. Keep it simple.   Allow the mother’s nose to guide. Her keen sense of smell will guard her from things she shouldn’t use. If she doesn’t like a particular aroma, set it aside for now and reach for an aroma that she loves and is drawn to. Keep moms happy.  She quoted a study of 500 laboring women using essential oils, 72% birthed unmedicated! That is phenomenal.

Nursing process

Here’s an acronym that can help you: ADPIE

Assessing–Ask a lot of good questions. People love to talk about themselves. Keep probing to get as much information as you can to know how to best help them. Ask “What else? Is there anything more? What challenges do your children/spouse have? Some struggle with digestive issues. Do you have any of that? Others struggle with getting quality sleep. Does that apply to anyone in your home? Asking good questions. Acknowledge their problem. Show empathy. Ask what they have been using and how it’s working for them. Know that people are searching for solutions.

Diagnosing–This is not like diagnosing medically. This is getting a feel for what they need help with and clarifying that with them.

Planning–Help them find solutions. Go over the Basic 10 oils in the Home Essentials kit and help them know how to use them for their specific concerns. Open the book and help them learn how to use it to find solutions. Note an essential oil usage plan specific to their needs.

Implementing–Implement the plan and follow up to assess its effectiveness.

Evaluating–After reassessing, reach for more essential oils if you need to. Help them find a solution that works for their specific concerns. These oils always work! If you are not getting the results that you want, go back to the resource books and do a little more studying and a little more experimentation till you find something that works. Remember the synergy using more than just one oil and consider making a blend. For guidance in making your own blends, follow the ‘Art of Blending’ in the Modern Essentials book. When blending, encourage mothers to listen to their intuitive voice by saying, “drop until you feel you have enough of that oil for this blend.”


Debbie’s websites: http://www.nurturinginstincts.com/


Watch the online class here:

Listen to the online class:



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