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Oregano Essential Oil

When my husband, Ben, was in law school he went to a law conference with some other law students.  One of his friends had just been introduced to essential oils. Ben mentioned to him one morning that the room they were in smelled like pizza.  His friend said, “Oh, that’s me.  I’ve been putting Oregano on this wart.”  He had been using Oregano to alleviate his wart.  It worked.  Ever since then, I have come upon use after use for Oregano.

Oregano is steam distilled from the leaves of the plant.  It has a strong herbal smell.  My friends from the Middle East loves the smell.  And it has so many uses.

Be careful with Oregano as it is naturally a very HOT & spicy oil! PLEASE DILUTE! I usually use Fractionated Coconut Oil to dilute Oregano oil.  


Cleaning:  Oregano is a powerful cleaning and purifying agent.  Put a few drops in your cleaning solution to clean surfaces in your home.  Oregano is powerful against environmental threats.  You can add it to the diffuser to cleanse the air.

Immunity: Oregano supports healthy immune system.  Put a drop in a capsule and take just as you feel illness setting in.  Do this a few times a day and you’ll find that you’ve nipped whatever it was in the bud.

Here is the immunity blend that I use often.  For Adults, you can multiply this blend by 4 and put this blend in a 10ml roller bottle.  For children 5+ multiply by 2.  For infants just make this blend as is.  Fill up the rest with Fractionated Coconut Oil whether you are making this blend for adults, children or infants.  Rub on feet daily for immunity boosting.  If you are trying to help the body heal from something, then do it 2-3 times a day.

5 drops On Guard
4 drops Oregano
3 drops Frankincense
2 drops Melaleuca
1 drop Arborvitae

Digestion: Promotes digestive health and respiratory function.  Take in a capsule or add a drop (or less than a drop) to appropriate dishes.

Antioxidants: Yes, it is a powerful antioxidant.  Take internally in a capsule or rub on feet.

Breathing Assistance: Take internally to help improve your respiratory health or rub on the bottom of the feet several times a day.  Best to dilute and then wear socks.

Flavoring: Add less than a drop (use a toothpick) into your spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce or on a roast.

Sore Throat: Add to water and gargle as needed.  Warning: It is spicy!

Toe Infections:  Rub diluted Oregano on the affected areas on the feet.  Your feet may get worse before they get better.  Relax and think more positively and you’ll find that it will recover quicker.

Skin Tags & Warts: Use a toothpick and touch the affected skin slightly with Oregano.  Do this 3-4 times a day for 2-3 weeks until the skin tag or wart is gone.  Use diluted lavender on the skin around it if it is red and irritated.


Promote Humility and Non-Attachment: Help shift from being overly attached, opinionated, negative, excessively willful, and materialistic to feelings of humility, non-attachment, teachable, flexible, willing to be wrong, and devoted.  Diffuse a drop or two before beginning work for the day or whenever you encounter the negative emotions.

Oregano is the oil of Humility & Non-attachment. According to the Emotions & Essential Oils, the negative emotions Oregano oil helps to shift are the following: Overly attached, pride, opinionated, negative, excessively willful, materialistic.

The positive properties we can adopt are the following: Humility, non-attachment, teachable, flexible, willingness to be wrong, devoted.

When you have a cleaner gut, you will be able to think clearer too.  So Oregano assists in clarifying thinking and promotes a more positive attitude.

Whenever you are using Oregano in any shape for form, allow your thinking patterns to change and be more humble.

Affirmations you can say are:

>I am unattached to the outcomes

When we don’t stress and fears about the outcome, we generally get more good results.  I say to myself that whatever happens is God’s will.  I’ve asked for what I want already but how that happens is up to God.  I will accept whatever comes.

>I am teachable and change easily

Sometimes we are contrary and want to do it our way just to feel that we have power.  We hold onto our way of thinking even though we know that it is not good because we have a false belief that we are powerless, hopeless, and helpless.  When we recognize that we are children of God, and that we have all the power in the world when we step up and accept who we are, we no longer feel vulnerable when we are corrected.


The Law of Intention without attachment to the Outcome

When you are younger you may have been disappointed in one way or another.  Eventually, we avoid asking or wanting because we may be disappointed.  We hold onto the fear of being disappointed and don’t bother to even ask or want good things anymore.

The Law of Intention without attachment to the outcome allows us to freely ask for things that we want (not just what we need).  Smell oregano and let go of fear.  When we hold onto that fear, we create more fear and more disappointment.

Your job is to ask for things you want.  God’s job is the HOW.  He knows best.  Trust and have faith that you will get it in the way He sees fit!

How to follow the The Law of Intention without attachment to the outcome

1. Make a list of things you want.

For example:

Get into a house by December.  List out the details of the house you want.   Live by the beach.

Grow your business by XXX amount by this time.  Work 4 days a week only.  Have time to serve more.

2. Disconnect yourself to HOW it comes to you.

Imagine if you don’t get it and how ok you will be.  Then imagine if you get it how excited you will be.  Let it go.  Let God take over.  You focus on doing your job well.  Your responsibility is simple.

When you use Oregano, it helps you let go of materialism.  Not that the material world isn’t important, it is.  As you have more spiritual eyes, you will see how those material things came to be.  Everything has a spiritual creation before it becomes physical.  In fact, when it has gone as far as manifesting physically, we have created it so powerfully, it has manifested.  It should serve as evidence of your power.

Now that you know how immensely powerful you are, focus that energy on good creations!

Decide on what you want.  Allow yourself to want.  Ask God for it and then let Him do His job.  When you receive those blessings, you will know exactly where it came from and then you can give Him credit for it.  This is a faith building activity.  It promotes more faith.  You will feel that God loves you and is aware of you.


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