Pink Jade

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It’s Here! My story!

Pink Jade

A True Story of a Vietnamese Refugee Girl

This is my refugee story.  I tell my story of growing up during a time of conflict in war-torn Vietnam, and escaping at a very young age as a refugee.  How my family escaped by boat and narrowly escaped death and made new lives for ourselves in a new country.

I am excited to announce that Balboa Publishing Company has agreed to publish this book.  It is available in bookstores all over the world.  I welcome any feedback you may wish to share (  Enjoy.

You can buy this on Amazon, or Barnes and Noble, but I’ve been told you will get the best price ordering direct from my publisher, Balboa

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eBook Format

eBook Format

The publisher’s eBook edition is still in the works, so in the meantime, if you want the book in eBook form, you can order from us the eBook manuscript, and get the audiobook, too.

The price of this book is $3.95.

If money is tight for you right now, please click here to get a free copy.  I want to share this story with everyone.


PDF (Suitable to print or read on a computer – 113 pages)

ePub (Suitable to read in an eBook reader such as iBooks, Kindle, Google Play Books, or other applications on mobile devices)

mobi (Not recommended.  If you know you need this eBook format rather than ePub, here it is)


Audiobook [*NEW*](Suitable to listen to on audio devices – formatted for iTunes, may also work on other devices)



Some Illustrations From My Book (illustrated by me)