Pink Jade

It’s Here! My story!

Pink Jade

A True Story of a Vietnamese Refugee Girl

This is my refugee story.  I tell my story of growing up during a time of conflict in war-torn Vietnam, and escaping at a very young age as a refugee.  How my family escaped by boat and narrowly escaped death and made new lives for ourselves in a new country.

I am excited to announce that Balboa Publishing Company has agreed to publish this book.  Soon it will be available in bookstores all over the world.  I welcome any feedback you may wish to share (  Enjoy.

Just click on “Return to Merchant Services” once your checkout is complete.The price of this book is $4.95.

If money is tight for you right now, please click here to get a free copy.  I want to share this story with everyone.


  • PDF (Suitable to print or read on a computer – 48 pages)
  • ePub (Suitable to read in an eBook reader such as iBooks, Kindle, Google Play Books, or other applications on mobile devices)
  • Audiobook [*NEW*](Suitable to listen to on audio devices – formatted for iTunes, may also work on other devices)
  • Print (the print edition is with the publisher and should be ready in a few months, but is not included in the above price)