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Wellness Class #5 Reducing Toxins & Green Cleaning


Overload Of Toxic Load

Overload of chemicals and toxins can possibly lead to various physical ailments, cancer, or disease.  There are many paths that toxins can take to cause these problems.  

  • Many of the common household poisons or toxins are neurotoxins or endocrine disruptors.
  • Neurotoxins are toxins that are poisonous or destructive to nerve tissue.
  • Some neurological disorders are Autism, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s.
  • Toxins in the brain interfere with our memory and brain function. 
  • Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that, at certain doses, can interfere with endocrine (or hormone) systems. These disruptions can cause cancerous tumors, birth defects, and other developmental disorders. Any system in the body controlled by hormones can be derailed by hormone disruptors.
  • Endocrine disruptors interfere with glands in our bodies.  They interrupt the ability to properly produce the proper chemicals and hormones for proper bodily functions. 
  • When our hormones are unbalanced, we may have many health problems such as thyroid, weight and metabolic issues.
  • When our brain is unable to produce happy chemicals we are depressed and moody. 
  • When we remove these toxins from our home and our body, our body is able to start repairing and possibly heal from major diseases. 

Cancer Causing Household products

There are so many toxic and health hazard products in the home.  Here are some of them.

1. Baby Powder

2. Makeup

3. Toothpaste

4. Shampoos & Conditioners

5. Hair Dyes

6. Bleach & Cleaning products

7. Disinfectant Sprays

8. Pet Flea Collars

9. Weed Poison

10. Hot Dogs

11. Milk

12. Laundry Detergent

There are heavy metals, toxins, and lethal poisons in these products.  Disinfectant sprays for example contains triclosan which is a registered rat poison.  1000mg/kg is the lethal dosage. Triclosan can be found in hand sanitizers.  Imagine our kids pumping that daily accumulating toxins in their cells.

Replacing Toxins With Green Products

dōTERRA offers many wonderful natural products to replace toxic products in the home.

The On Guard Cleaner Concentrate is not only toxin-free, it is much more economical than most any toxic consumer general cleaners.  

  • This is an amazing all purpose cleaner.
  • Use this to clean the floors, counters, toilets, and even add it to your dishwasher.  For inside toilets, add a little bit of Aluminum-free baking soda to help scrub the toilet bowl.
  • It is great for us and the environment. Don’t need to use gloves!
  • Avoid using it on hardwood floors and natural stone surfaces.

ON GUARD™ Laundry Detergent

  • The On Guard Laundry Detergent is heavily concentrated.  One bottle will clean 64 loads. 
  • Other consumer brands are usually diluted 20 times with fillers to give the consumer the “sensation of clean” because the consumer is using a large amount of detergent in their washing. 
  • Concentration is good on many levels.  For instance this smaller packaging is better for the environment.  It is also more suitable to address stains directly.
  • Moreover, this natural solution is safe for you and your family.  dōTERRA’s detergent contains no toxins. This is especially good for people with sensitive skin.
  • It is cheaper.  It works out to be only 38 cents per load.  Compare that to consumer brands, which use toxins.
  • And it works, too.  dōTERRA laundry detergent beats the top 5 brands of laundry detergent in the US! 
  • So, it’s effective, it’s economical, and it’s toxin free

Triclosan: (antibacterial agent) used in toothpastes, hand sanitizers, and soaps. It is a registered pesticide. Studies have proven that it hinders muscle movement, is harmful to skin, causes allergies, is carcinogenic and weakens immunity

Fragrances: (3,000-4,000 different synthetic fragrances) Studies show they are associated with allergies, respiratory distress, fertility, headaches, dizziness, coughing, and vomiting.

  • Did you know that detergents can be extremely toxic?
  • Sometimes when we are sick, we blame our body for breaking down.  We need to understand that there may be many causes!  Some of the causes are most likely due to daily toxic exposure to chemicals such as those found in our laundry detergents. 
  • When we remove these toxins, our body increases in its ability to heal, repair and recover.

Reduce toxins with other ON GUARD™ PRODUCTS

Essential oils are nature’s amazing solution to living healthy.

  • With all these amazing On Guard products you can have much success in keeping the whole family healthy. 
  • For example, when your throat starts to feel scratchy, you can take On Guard Protective Throat Drops right away to protect your throat.
  • Washing your hands is still one of the best preventative measures.  The foaming hand wash is safe and effective.  The active ingredients are just essential oils.
  • On Guard toothpaste is fluoride-free with natural whitening and polishing ingredients. 
  • And then there’s the laundry detergent.  We will speak about a few of these in turn.

Check out The evidence that fluoride is harmful is overwhelming. Fluoride causes adverse thyroid function, adverse neurological effects, increase risk of bone cancer.  

There are many essential oils and blends that have fantastic cleaning properties. Try some of these oils in your cleaning routine.

  • Lemon oil in warm water is great on tiles.  It is also perfect to remove sticky residue. 
  • Wild Orange is great for dishes and countertops.  It also lifts your mood.
  • On Guard oil kills mold.  It is perfect for cleaning and disinfecting your fridge, your bathroom, or your food preparation surfaces.
  • Purify is a wonderful oil blend specially formulated for cleaning.  Diffuse it to purify the air.  Use it to clean your kitchen, or wipe down surfaces.  This is a great oil blend to remove odors.
  • Tea Tree (called Melaleuca in the US) is a fantastic oil with many possibilities.  Use it on the shower floor to protect from foot fungus.  Clean you nail clippers with it.
  • Eucalyptus has a fantastic scent as well as great cleaning properties.  Add it to your laundry in the place of softer and your clothes come out smelling great and clean.  If you enjoy a clean smell, mix Eucalyptus oil and Lime oil into your cleaners.

Just a note:  Be careful using citrus oils on plastic surfaces as these oils break down petrochemicals.

Use Toxic Free Products

There are many consumer products that we put on our skin.  Many of the consumer skin-care products are laden with toxins.

  • In our first class, we talked about applying essential oils topically.  We can apply essential oils topically because our skin is permeable to many of the things we put on it. 
  • We must exercise care with what we put into our body through our skin.  Using natural toxin-free products on our skin will make a big difference in reducing toxins in our life.

We will talk about three of the dōTERRA skin-care products.

  • dōTERRA Veráge Skincare Collection uses CPTG essential oils and natural ingredients. Each ingredient has been extensively researched and shown to promote youthful-looking skin. 
  • The Reveal Facial System is like a spa treatment.  You can do it once or twice a week.  #1 scrub: Scrub with a little bit of water then without washing off add a small pea size amount of #2 Peptide Activator onto the skin and continue to massage the face for 1-2 minutes.  Wash off with warm water.  (optional) Follow this with the Veráge toner, then serum, then moisturizer.
  • Essential Skin Care doTERRA Essential Skin Care is a family of skin care products designed to meet all your anti-aging, skin care needs, helping keep your skin feeling and looking young, healthy, and gorgeous by maximizing the natural power of essential oils.
  • The HD Clear Skin Care system is designed for acne-prone skin.  Wash with the foaming face wash.  Then put a few drops of the essential oil blend on problem areas.  Then finish off with applying the lotion.

  • dōTERRA hair care products combined CPTG essential oils with extremely pure botanical extracts.  Providing unparalleled hair care benefits to optimize beautiful hair and a healthy-looking scalp. 
  • All natural ingredients.  No nasty SLES, synthetic fragrances, or other toxic chemicals. 
  • Protecting Shampooprovides deep conditioning to restore moisture. Leaves hair soft, shiny, and silky.  Contains Wild Orange and Lime essential oils.
  • Smoothing Conditioneruses a CPTG essential oil blend of Lavender, Peppermint, Marjoram, Cedarwood, Lavandin, Rosemary, Niaouli, and Eucalyptus help to keep the scalp looking clean and healthy.
  • Root to Tip SerumContains protective lipids to nourish, moisturize, and protect hair and scalp.  Helps to improve the appearance of healthy hair, resulting in fewer visible split ends.
  • Healthy Hold Glaze—Provides immediate conditioning, smoothing, and shine.  Helps keep hair looking healthy, even when exposed to sunlight and blow drying.  Contains heat activated conditioning and thermal protection.
  • You can make your own natural lotions with the dōTERRA unscented Hand and Body Lotion.  Just add any dōTERRA oil or blend of oils of choice in your lotion. 
  • Enjoy the therapeutic benefit of the essential oils when you use your lotion.
  • dōTERRA also produces natural soaps, lotions, and lip balm that are scented with essential oils.
  • The Healing Hands Rose Hand Lotion is a very special product.  Because Rose essential oil is rare, dōTERRA does not sell it separately.  But you can buy this lotion, which is infused with Rose essential oil.  The full purchase price of Rose Hand Lotion is donated to the Healing Hands Foundation, which undertakes many humanitarian projects all over the world.
  • You can also make your own perfume or cologne from any essential oil or blend of essential oils you or your loved one like.  Diluted with Fractionated Coconut oil, these colognes last about six hours.

Bug repellants, pesticides, and bug sprays can be the worst culprits for household toxins. 

We will talk about natural solutions.

TerraShiled is dōTERRA;s bug repellant blend.  Its ingredients are Ylang Ylang Flower, Nootka Wood, Cedarwood Wood, Catnip, Lemon Eucalyptus, Litsea Fruit, Arborvitae Wood essential oils and Vanilla Bean Absolute in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil and Tamanu Seed Oil.

  • TerraShield also comes in a spray or bottle form.
  • Apply TerraShield to the legs, arms, and neck before going outdoors or diffuse on your patio.
  • Take TerraShield on camping trips or to outdoor events. 
  • Spray TerraShield around your door, window seals, or tent.

All bugs are different, so you can experiment with other blends as well.  Peppermint is a great oil for keeping some flying bugs away.  Alleviate lice with Melaleuca and TerraShield rubbed onto the scalp before bedtime and cover the head with a shower cap during the night.

Activity: demonstrate how to mix a bug repellant cream

Natural Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a common thing we often use but it can be very toxic. 

You can make your own natural version.  It is very easy to do.

Put 25 drops of On Guard into a used dōTERRA 15 ml bottle and fill the rest with water.

Add a spray-top for a easy & natural hand sanitizer.

Glass Cleaner

Here is a recipe for a all-natural glass cleaner.

Combine in a 16 oz glass spray bottle:

½ cup white vinegar
½ cup distilled water
8 drops of any citrus essential oil

Shake gently then spray and wipe.

DDR Prime: Protect & Support Proper Cell Functions

Cellular Function:
1. Duplication (mitosis)
2. Specialized Function
3. Self-destruct (apoptosis)

  • All life begins at the cellular level, and to a large extent, the proper function of cells will determine our health and overall wellness. Individual, specialized cells make up tissues, tissues make up organs, and organs make up organisms that depend on proper cell function for life.
  • Contained in each individual cell are the instructions for three main functions of a cell:
  1. Duplication—Make copies of itself through a cellular duplication called mitosis,
  2. Specialized Function—Perform a specialized function as instructed by a cell’s DNA, and
  3. Self-destruct—Initiate a process of self-destruction called apoptosis.
  • Healthy cells carry out all three of these functions.
  • If cellular DNA or other structures are damaged and the cells continue to duplicate in this damaged or mutated way, we have disease, tumors, or cancers.  Many toxins and stressors can cause this damage in our cells. 
  • In healthy cells, when DNA or other cell function is comprised, cells are programmed to initiate a process of repair.
  • If a cell is unable to repair itself to its programmed function, it normally initiates a process of self-destruction (called apoptosis) making way for new, healthy cells to function in its place.
  • The response to cellular stressors to healthy cell function is called the Damaged DNA Response.
  • Here is an interesting bit of trivia: We turn over our body weight in new cells each year through this process of apoptosis!

Essential oils can help our cells and our DNA stay healthy.

  • A growing body of research shows that essential oils can help support normal cell biogenesis, function and renewal through several mechanisms.
  • dōTERRA produces a essential oil blend called DDR Prime, which helps to support healthy cellular integrity, protect cells from oxidative stress, and promote overall cellular health.
  • The proprietary essential oil blend in DDR Prime includes Frankincense, Thyme, and Lemongrass, which help prevent damage to cellular DNA.
  • Lemongrass, Clove, and Niaouli essential oils are included in DDR Prime because they have been demonstrated to support healthy cell turnover or apoptosis.
  • And Orange and Summer Savory essential oils are added to the DDR Blend to combine with Clove and Thyme essential oils providing powerful antioxidant protection against free-radical oxidative stress to cellular DNA and other cell structures.
  • Protecting our cells, particularly the DNA in our cells, and supporting healthy cell biogenesis and turnover can help us avoid accelerated aging and premature onset of degenerative conditions associated with compromised cell function.
  • Thus, DDR Prime can help our body repair from the damaged caused by the toxins from cleaners, personal care products and the environment!


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