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Selflessness is thinking of yourself LESS

We are naturally self focused creatures.  It is human nature.  Being selfish has never brought us true lasting joy and satisfaction.  In fact, we may be downright depressed because we are being selfish and we don’t even know it, so we don’t have a clue how to change that permanently.

Our friends and family are there to help keep our ego in check.  Many of us are taught by friends and family to not be selfish.   So we respond with thinking less of ourselves by putting themselves down and picking out the weaknesses about themselves to complain about.  We worry about our self and our problems.  We list out all the ‘bad things’ that happened to us and all the unfortunate things that make us less blessed than others.  We want to be selfless but end up unknowingly being selfish anyways because that approach just leads to self-abuse and self-abuse is a form of self obsession or selfishness!

How to be selfless?

  1. Be self aware, self-accepting and grateful.
  2. Serve others: Connect with others and find your particular style of service to mankind.

Be self aware, self-accepting and grateful

As I heal and cleanse my body, I began to see that I am no different to other people. I like to use essential oils to help clean out my cells, to heal and help me with mental clarity.  Just about any essential oils you use will get you started in a good direction towards self-healing and self-awareness.  When you can unconditionally love yourself, then your love for others will be unconditional (unattached) and have substance too.  Those who abuse themselves give HOLLOW love to others.

The healthy self love helps me to compare less with others or with what ‘should have been.’  I actually ‘see more’ how God has blessed me and my life.  Even our trials are gifts to help us develop wisdom, love and empathy.  I began to be grateful for what I have been given and more fully accepting of the will of God.  When that peace comes, I felt content and stopped complaining so much about what I am not good at, or what I am not yet.

Look at your life and list out all the good things about you.  That thing you are good at doesn’t have to be the best compared to others.  Simply be grateful for what you’ve been given and stop blaming.

Realize that people are placed in your way and that you are privileged to serve them with whatever gifts and talents you’ve been given now.  Make the most of what you have.  That way, you show you are a great steward.  Great stewards make the most of what they’ve been given, they don’t complain that they should have been given something different or something more.  This is the will of the Divine, when we accept with gratitude, then we will prove we can be stewards over more and better things.

Serve others: Connect with others and find your particular style of service to mankind

With this new self awareness, you will have clarity to detect what your purpose is on earth.  We all have a purpose on earth, including you.  We will feel deep happiness and satisfaction when we have fulfilled or currently fulfilling our special role in serving mankind.  We can all serve mankind, but we do it in our own unique way.  This is how we connect to the human family and feel complete.

Define and detect your purpose.  Detect what your ‘earthly calling’ is by writing it down.  Then honor it by making action plans.  You will keep refining this as you change and evolve.  Be the great proactive steward who takes initiative and find ways to serve in your unique way.  Looking at what you are good at and what you enjoy doing is a great place to start.


Today, I love working with people and helping them heal.  I’ve honed my skill so much that now I can look at people and understand their emotional issues by looking at their physical complaints.  I hear what they don’t say and see what they don’t show me.  I wasn’t always like that.  As I thought of myself less and focused more on my life purpose (or mission), I can ‘SEE’ and connect with others.  Now my style of service to mankind, is satisfying to me.

The daily depression and shallowness of my life has disappeared as I understood my spiritual purpose.  I invite you to do these activities and find greater joy and satisfaction in your existence and truly be selfless!

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