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Spearmint is a pretty new addition to the dōTERRA collection.  Although it is a mint like Peppermint, there are some differences.  Peppermint has <25% Ketones.  Spearmint has <70% Ketones.  Ketones stimulate cell regeneration, promote the formation of tissue, and liquefy mucous. Ketones help with respiratory issues.

The CPTG grade of dōTERRA oils means these essential oils are alive and intelligent in other words there are many active ingredients in each oil.  The number of active ingredients means we will have a wide array of biological activities.  The body is intelligent and the oils are intelligent enough to know where to go in our body to help it balance.


Digestive Support: Take 2-3 drops internally to support digestion and other digestive/gut concerns. Consider adding Ginger, Peppermint, and Tangerine oils. 1 2 3

Fresh Breath: Add a drop of Spearmint to toothpaste before brushing.  Use a drop of Spearmint in water, as a mouth rinse.  You can swallow afterwards.

Healthy Gums: Use a drop of Spearmint in water, as a mouthwash/rinse. Rub Spearmint on focused areas as needed.

Respiratory: Use in a diffuser or inhaler along with Eucalyptus and Lime oil to help open airways. 

Cooling: Add a drop of Spearmint to a 15mL glass water bottle.  Spritz on body when overheated. You can also put a few drops of Spearmint, Frankincense, & Lavender on a wet wash cloth and place on forehead and back of neck when overheated.

Focus & Memory: Diffuse Spearmint & Wild Orange to help with focus when studying.4 5

Energy: Take 2-3 drops internally & diffuse regularly.  When the gut is healthy and well, you have more energy.

Immunity: Taking Spearmint internally helps boost immunity.6

Cellular & Tissue Support: Add Spearmint to your water and take internally.7  8 9

Ticks: Use directly on ticks or spritz on to repel ticks.10


Spearmint is the oil of confident speech. According to the Emotions & Essential Oilsthe negative emotions Spearmint oil helps to shift are as follows: Fear of public speaking, timid, holding back opinion, and inarticulate.

The positive properties we can incorporate are the following: Confident, articulate communication, clarity, and courageous.

Spearmint encourages mental clarity and helps translate the inner clarity into words.  Sometimes we don’t know what we want and think inside.  That’s why many people talk a lot and think aloud.  Spearmint helps you sort through your thoughts better.

Uplifting Heart & Clarifying Mind: 1 drop Spearmint, 1 drop Lavender, 1 drop Clary Sage.  Mix in your palms and inhale.  Say the following affirmations as you inhale:

I release the need to hold myself down.

I value what I offer the world.

I can articulate my values and opinions confidently. 

Confident Speech: Dilute with Fractionated Coconut Oil and rub one drop of each of Lavender and Spearmint on the throat area before speaking to a group.  It helps people who feel inarticulate and stumble over their own words.


Spearmint helps us access the inner light and helps us convey that light to the world with clarity and confidence.  It awakens us to clearly see the role we play in the world.  Spearmint helps clear the way for us to tap into our hearts of hearts.  When we are aware of our heart’s energy we can get information to logically reason in our conscious mind.

When we have external stimulus we immediately get a emotional response.  Whether it is positive or negative emotions, the emotions should give us clues to our core beliefs.   Allow yourself to be still and ask yourself good questions such as:

  1. What am I feeling?
  2. Why am I feeling that way?
  3. What’s your fear?
  4. What is the core belief behind those reason?
  5. What is my new positive belief?

When we can be more self aware, we live life more intentionally. When you’ve identified your false core beliefs, you can change your beliefs with logical reasoning. Your thinking brain needs to be aware of the situation to take over control. This way, we use our power of choice more confidently instead of reacting to every stimulus in life in an emotional way. Use spearmint to help you with this shift!

For example:

Something happens and you feel HURT and OFFENDED!

Ask yourself the questions above.

  1. What am I feeling? I feel hurt, angry and offended.
  2. Why am I feeling that way?  Because she/he thinks I am stupid/no good/incapable….
  3. What’s your fear? I fear that people think poorly of me. 
  4. What is the core belief behind those reasons? I believe subconsciously that I am not good enough.  
  5. What is my new positive belief? I am good enough for now.

When we believe we are good enough, then we won’t be offended if people feel differently because it doesn’t matter.  That hurt and pain is a clue that you still have things you need to resolve.  Because you don’t think well of yourself, you manifest other’s not thinking well of you either.  We take ownership of our feelings.  Our subconscious chose to feel hurt and offended.  Now, because we want to be intentional, we logically reason within and change our core beliefs. You could think,”I am a child of God.  I am good enough for now.  I will improve gradually but I don’t need to be perfect today.  If God wanted me to be perfect, I would have come perfect with no weaknesses. Weaknesses reminds me to be humble.  Humble simply means I am ok being human.  When I am more tolerant of my humanity, I am kinder to others.  Those people are humans and they didn’t mean to hurt or offend me.”


I hope you can use Spearmint oil and other oils to help you be less reactionary and more empowered with self awareness.  The more self aware you are the less overwhelmed you become.

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  7. Use a drop of Spearmint in water, as a mouth rinse.

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