Wellness Solutions

Wellness Solutions

Come learn all about our wellness solutions, online wellness classes, and solutions with essential oils and other things:

Table of Contents

Wellness Classes

Here are wellness classes we typically teach locally and online.  Each class has a handout and video.


Core Wellness Classes


Additional Wellness Classes


Other Wellness Solution Topics

10 Steps to Guarantee Optimum Wellness

Are you living a half life?

Arthritis Support

Artificial Colors are Neurotoxins & Endocrine Disruptors

Babies, Birth & Pregnancy

Back to School

Balancing Hormones

Bellini Kitchen Master/Thermomix TM5

Black Bean Brownies With Essential Oils

Books I Recommend

Care For Yourself

Cleaning with Essential Oils

Cleanse & Restore For Kids

Cleansing Our Pipes

Connected and Focused Kids

Creamy Broccoli Potato Soup

Detect Your Purpose

Developing Intuition

Elemental Meditation

Emotional and Mood Essential Oils

Energy and Emotional Healing

Essential Oil Tips for Men

Finding Strength in the Face of Cancer

Focus on Body Systems

Focus Your Thinking

Follow Your Compass

Fungus & Inflammation

Had a stressful day? Relax with a girls’ night out

Healthy Insulin Response & Diabetes

Healthy School Lunch Idea

How a Good Probiotic Can Help You

How can enzymes help me? TerraZyme anyone?

How Hydration Helps?

How We Do The Birds & The Bees Talk

Is this working? Is this normal?


Lifelong Vitality

Love & Connect

Maintaining Healthy Blood Pressure! It can be done!

Maintaining Healthy Weight

Maintaining Inner-Peace

Marital LOVE: My Source of Confidence and Protection

Mindful Meditation

More Books I Recommend

Be active

Move more, exercise, and be active

Natural Approach

New To dōTERRA? – Maximize Your Membership


Nurses & Essential Oils

Nutritional Deficiency or Disease?

Owning Your Power

Protection from Seasonal or Environmental Threats: Immunity Blend

Recognizing A Healing Crisis


Rest and Relax

Return to Nature ✿ by Reducing Toxins ☠

Sadness and Essential Oils

Salsa Recipe

Save our Sleep! Save our Health!

Scar Care

Simple Steps to Writing Affirmations

Soothing Relief for Stressed Scalp

Stress and Essential Oils

Sweet Sugar, Honey!

The Literal Language of Your Body

The Serial Soy Story

Things I Wish I Knew As a New Mother

Top 10 Family Health Solution

Types of Head or Neck Tension

Unclogging The Cholesterol Story

Wellness Class #1 Family Wellness

Wellness Class #2 Cleanse & Restore

Wellness Class #3 Maintain Healthy Weight

Wellness Class #4 Health & Hormones

Wellness Class #5 Reducing Toxins & Green Cleaning

Wellness Lifestyle Pyramid

Wellness Philosophies

Wellness Solutions

What does Zendocrine do?

Body Butter

Whipped Body Butter

Why Bad Fats Are Bad And Good Fats Good?

Why fight fungus?

Your Gut, Your Power

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